Beach Brazil exotic. Welcome to Brazil

Beach Brazil exotic. During 3 weeks, I went to Brazil with 3 friends to Ceara (North East) to discover these hugh kite wild and windy spots.

Brazil, tropical paradise, beach Brazil exotic, synonymous with escape? Not only! Speak to the amateurs of wild nature, who dream to leave towards the Amazonian forest, Pantanal (large marsh, paradise of the ornithologists) or the falls of Iguaçu, without forgetting the 8 000 km of coasts.

Urban culture and culture of the body make of Rio de Janeiro, one of the world capitals of the pleasure of living. In the imaginary one of the traveller, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, made mythical by the singers of worked nova, dispute it with the sambas of the carnival.

"Nordeste" and its capital, Salvadore de Bahia, fascinate by the afro-Brazilian culture, whose most spectacular demonstrations are the spiritual practices of "candomblé" and it "will capoeira", ritual confrontation between the dance and the fight.

Destination of dream, country of the interbreeding, the magic rates/rhythms and the nostalgic melodies, we remained ourselves on this area which accounts for only 5% of Brazil and already we fell in love with this area.

Beach Brazil exotic: Fortaleza, hugh city of 7 millions people

Arrived on Fortaleza, we went directly on "Mecque of the kite": Paracuru and as of the next morning the conditions of winds quite present, more than 25 knots were established, just like every days from June to December. During these three weeks, I kited in 9 m and from time to time in 11m (for 78 kg). We had between 25/35 knots, wind side Shore, which it morning is flat to have swell at the bottom (Paracuru). After midday this same water level becomes rather "clapoteux".


Beach Brazil exotic: Cumbuco, BestKiteboarding's spot.

We went to Cumbuco South, the "night life" is more sympathetic, developed better by the local businesses on the other hand the spot is not extraordinary for somebody who seeks waves to be jumped... However while leaving towards north, we have to find the spot of Best, an immense lagoon near to the sea with a water level which looks like a giant swimming pool on which more than 25 knots return... imagine the tricks that you can work, in more it is fresh water and far from deep... this spot can be busy.

Beach Brazil exotic: Cumbuco like Cabarete...

With the top of Cumbuco, we tested the lagoon of Taiba, conditions very hardware this day there, more than 30 knots on a very small water level, that wants to say as with two kites that becomes "hot"... but that is worth displacement... in more my buddy lost a pair of Quicksilver glasses there, then...

Beach Brazil exotic: North of Paracuru, still virgin spots

After Paracuru, we went to Lagoinha, splendid small tourist village in north with a pretty right vawe which can go well and a potential of kite some. While running in buggy on the beach, then we found Guajiru, small village of fishermen for then stopping in Mundau.

The city more in north that we reached (to 130 km of Fortaleza) and there it was happiness because it is a immmense lagoon of fishermen, plain water and at the bottom pretty a swell which returns, this day there more than 30/35 knots returned. The local are even more sympathetic that Paracuru and it would be necessary to spend a few days on this spot to appreciate all these facets of them hidden ; -).





Namely that more you go up to North plus the wind is strong, for information Jericoacoara can offer more than 50 knots and of the hugh waves, therefore very selective spot. This is why Paracuru is the best spot organized with its restaurant local good and not expensive, of the showers and fresh water for free. The kiteurs are welcome in this very poor area. The buildings included / understood this well and develop in this direction and I invite you to go to eat at Michel the evening with "Formula 1".

Very good food which lives here since more than 20 years. It has also rooms to be rented and Houses. However I would speak to you about it more soon. Feel free to visit my personal website to get information from Caribbean and more. Click here

To "surf" on the Net, another Michel is there to offer to you these services with a very pretty assistant ; -), all this is not located far from the place of the church, moreover all this master key here with in particular a quite sympathetic and typical bar, held by Kaka, Brazilian quite particular...

"et voila" quickly these three weeks, the site should arrive quickly with tons of photographs, infos and videos. With soon, therefore!





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